Ice Princess

For Age:kids over 3 years old







BrandPEIPEILEColor 24 colors Box size37*26*7.5(cm)
ItemSpace World Shelf life 3 years Outer packing 12pcs/ctn
CategoryLight-clay SeriesApplicable kids over 3 years old Carton dimension 47.5*38.5*54(cm)

培培乐 PEIPEILE  Peipeile Light Clay

Shape all kinds of animals, cars, flowers and plants with Peipeile light clay. Come to create our new world!

Safety Reminder  

1. Adults shall open the color box and play with kids.

2. The compound is not intended to be eaten. Pay special attention to the small accessories to prevent being eaten by kids.  

3. Keep the color box as important information is on it.

4. Keep the plastic bags away from kids.    

5. The creations shall air dry in 24 hours.  

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