Master Toys Group was established in 1993 and has been adhering to the philosophy of Modesty, Honesty, and Integrity and in constant pursuit of perfection. Its products have been well recognized by overseas markets and highly embraced by customers worldwide, especially the dough products. The annual production has reached 4 million sets. Master Toys leads the industry to use the QS standards to produce color modelling clay, which marks unprecedented inception and also sets an example in the industry. Master Toys actively engages itself in the industrial associations to share outstanding manufacturing experience and scientific mode of management, which makes great contribution to the improvement and advancement of the whole industry. On top of this, Master Toys attaches more importance to the corporate social responsibility and stresses the focus on human values during the process of production. It also focuses on contribution to environment, consumers and society. Inside the company, the corporate culture gravitates towards humanity care, by which a secure, safe and excellent work environment is established, environmental protection is taken into consideration during manufacturing process, multiple security tests and supervision are implemented (food test, microorganism test, bacteria quantity test) and the social public welfare is well underway. 

Honors of Master Toys