“Master toys

Foshan Master Toys Co., Ltd (“Master Toys”) was established in 1993. It has independently-founded brands “Master toys” and “PEIPEILE” which was honored with “Guangdong Famous Trademark” in 2004. Master Toys, which has more than two decades of experience in toys’ manufacturing and R&D, is dedicated to producing educational toys and stands as a vanguard in the sector.

Master Toys is the master brand in the group, well trusted and loved by international customers with whom Master Toys has been being in friendly cooperation lubricating its way well into overseas markets. Internationally well-established supermarkets, such as Target, Walmart, Carrefour, Argos, Tesco, TRU, etc. all have Master toys on their shelves. 




Brand Story

Philosophy of Master Toys: Accompany kids’ growth with care

A child can hardly grow healthily without parents’ company and care. Company and care are the core philosophy of Master Toys. That’s why Master Toys is always dedicated to providing secure, premium and interesting toys to stimulate the parent-child interaction of each family. Master Toys designs “M” into a personalized figure that represents the parental care, hoping that every child can enjoy a cheerful, warm and happy childhood with the company of parents.

Master Toys was established in 1993 and specializes in manufacturing dough, light clay, foaming compound, blocks, etc. The products produced by Master Toys meet the certificating standards of the EU, which assures each mother has access to secure and safe toys of premium quality at Master.

“PEIPEILE”, a brand for Chinese market, which has its own dealers in major large and medium-sized cities in China since its establishment, has found its way well into the market across the country. It was honored with “Guangdong Famous Trademark” in 2004. As the e-commerce is emerging and booming, Master Toys has been selling its “PEIPEILE” toys at the online stores on various e-commerce platforms. During the “Double-11” (China’s most popular online sales promotion), Master Toys ranked NO.1 across China in dough category.